What is The Wet Canvas? It's a fun way to spend a couple of hours with old friends and/or create new ones. It's a fun way to lose yourself from worries and problems and immerse yourself in the moment. It's a fun way of getting in touch with your creative side and we'll help you find it.

Wet Canvas is an mobile art studio, we travel to you! that's right we will provide the paints, brushes, canvases, drop clothes, and everything else for a fun and enjoyable experience in your own home, office, backyard, restaurant (if applicable) or any other venue. Our talented artist will walk you through the class' artwork step by step so that at the’ll truly have an original work of you will be proud to sign and hang.

Our paintings are for a diverse group of people channeling every taste and temperament. In addition, you can even suggest a particular type of painting for your group.

Think you don’t have talent? Great, you’re just the type we want to embrace and help you bring out your inner artist.... no, really, that’s our plan and once you find it, you will be hooked on creating plenty of Wet Canvass. “Come on, add some color to your life and make Art your night out.”

Below is just a few things that is required to help your party/event go without delays.

a.) We will need water

b.) We will have an assistant to help set up, break down, and assist with paints and water.

c.) It would be very helpful if you remove any furniture, knit-knats from the area that we are to use to avoid accidents from your guest or us.

d.) If you know the measurements of the space we will be working with...that would help but not necessary (a drawing of the space is helpful)

e.) Most mindful of those driving home after your event. (So please distribute any alcoholic drinks responsively)

f.) Please note and let your guest know that pictures will be taken and put on our social media pages

(Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and Website pages) please let us know if any person decline to have their picture taken


Have more questions?

Click on our F.A.Q page to see answers to more familiar asked questions. Fill out the CONTACT FORM or call (267) 540-3357 or Chat with us below if you have any questions and/or concerns.


Hello Phyllis.

Your class was tremendous!! The ease in how you were able to individualize each person's artwork was admirable. Thank you for having your assistant there too! She blended right in and made herself right at home. That's always my goal at a family/friends function. read more

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Join Us for Our 2nd Praise & Paint party...this is a fundraiser which benefits our Building Fund. Please help with a donation of 35.00 and have some fun too!

Postponed due to Covid-19 non-essential status