The Wet Canvas F A Q's

How much is a paint party?

Our parties for adults are $40.00 w/taxes apprx.$42.80 (6 - 20 people)

$45.00 w/taxes apprx.$48.15 (21-50 people)

How long is a paint session?

Our regular paint session typically runs for about two and half hours, depending on the number of people and the difficulty of the painting, this doesn't include set-up time which is about (45) forty-five minutes to an hour, based on the provided space.

What is included in the price?

Our price includes everything you’ll need for painting; aprons, easels, canvas, brushes, and of course paint. We also turn your space into a studio for the evening with tables, chairs/stools, and drop cloths.

How long does it take you to set up?

If your space is clear when we arrive? Give us at least 45min. - 1hour to set up once we enter your space. (depending on the number of people) Please let us know of any entry issues before we book your party (elevators, stairs, access, doorman, etc.)

However, If we are late to your party, or not finished setting up 15min. after our allotted time, we will guarantee a free seat. (applicable same day or later)

What time should my guest arrive?

Typically, at least 15-20 minutes before the party is scheduled. This will give them time to get prepared and even mingle a little.

(Please emphasize to your guest the importance of being on time, Latecomers (20min.+) will interrupt the flow of the session and can cause an added cost of $40. to the host.)

If your party has already started before we are scheduled to come. (please separate the space we are to occupy so that there are no distractions or accidents).

What shall I serve?

This is your venue/space; you can serve whatever you want!

(We do ask that you keep foods light during the paint session, there are at least (2) 10-15min breaks in between, to allow for paint drying, etc.)

What shall we wear?

It depends on your party! You can be as dressy or as comfortable as you feel you want the atmosphere, and although we provide aprons, we do want you to be mindful that you are painting and that it can get messy. We use acrylic paints and they can stain if left on a garment.

What happens if I need to cancel a party?

We do understand that things can happen, so we have a cancellation policy in which you can receive a refund for another date or a full refund if you let us know at least a week (7days) in advance. However, no refunds will be issued for no-shows.

How must I pay for a party?

For reasons of security and taxes, we prefer that you and your guest pay online; this can be done with one payment from the host or individual guest through our website ( or Facebook page (The Wet Canvas) (Paypal and most major credit cards can be used.)

How much is required to secure a date for a party?

*A minimum of two seats is required to secure your date. If you need to change or cancel this date; A (7) day notice must be given in advance. (See our cancellation policy)

*Please remember that your state taxes will be added to the initial price of each seat

How many people are required for a party?

A minimum of six (6) people is required for a party. (A travel fee is applied according to mileage)

16-20 people or more will require an Artist Assistant therefore will cost $40. per person.

There are no exceptions and no refunds for no-shows.

Are we available for children's parties?

Yes, we are! We love having paint parties for children;

  • Ages 5-12 cost $25 per person (tempera paints)
  • Ages 13 -17 cost $30 per person

What do you require me to do as a host/hostess to prepare for your arrival?

  • We will need water
  • We will have an assistant to help set up, breakdown, and assist with paints, water, and other materials
  • It would be very helpful if you remove any furniture and knit-knats from the area to avoid accidents by your guests and/or us.
  • If you know the measurements of the space we will be working with...that would help but not necessary.
  • Most importantly...(if alcoholic beverages are served, be mindful of those driving home after your event).
  • Please note and let your guest know that pictures will be taken throughout the session and put on our social media pages Facebook and/or Website pages.
  • Please let us know if any people decline to have their pictures taken.

We hope that we’ve answered all or most of your questions.

If not, please feel free to email us with your concerns at: